Did you miss the Mosier Second Track Information Panel Meeting?

Mosier Double Track Project

Did you miss the Mosier Second Track Information Panel Meeting?
Access the presentations by clicking the following links:

Union Pacific Mosier Presentation (Simple FAQ sheet to come in January)

US Army Corps of Engineers Mosier Presentation (What the Corps does, Permitting Process, Public Participation)

Mosier Fire District Information (Information from Chief Appleton)

Wasco County Planning Department Presentation (coming soon)

Wasco County Emergency Management Presentation (Railway Incident Preparedness and Local Response Capabilities)

Friends of the Columbia Gorge Mosier Presentation
(Why here? Why now? Oil/Coal concerns. Permitting and How You Can Participate in the Process!)

UPRR Pre-Application Docs to Army Corps of Engineers (Good general overview of Project)

UPRR General Q/A for Army Corps of Engineers  (Good general Q/A)