Alert: Snow and Ice 1/7/17


Mosier heads into a snowy and icy week.

Please help yourself and your neighbor by:

1.  Keep a faucet slowly dripping to prevent burst pipes.

2.  Check on your neighbors, especially if the power goes out!

3.  If the power goes out:  the Mosier Grange is set up to be a warming center.  Back-up power is ready to connect, thanks to your donations to the Mosier Fire Volunteers.

4.   Mosier Fire will assist communications and contacting folks who might need assistance.  Chief:  541-478-3333

5.  Pacific Power is ready to bring in a generator to restore power to the City within 24 hours of the outage.

6.  And finally–Be Prepared.
Take responsibility for yourself and your family. Ensure you have food, water, and back-up heat to last a week or more in your home, and emergency supplies and spare warm clothes and blankets in your vehicle.