City Council Agenda 03/20/19

I 6:30 pm                Call to Order/Roll Call –  Mayor Burns
II 6:32 Agenda corrections or additions  
III 6:35 pm Business from the Audience – This is for Mosier residents and anyone else to express concerns, needs, or opportunities.  Please keep your comments succinct and under two minutes.  You may bring in written materials for Committee and Staff to review.  The Facilitator can assign the issue to a future Committee meeting, or to an appropriate Committee or staff member.  Please realize that we cannot always offer a response immediately but will give the matter due consideration. We encourage the participation of all stakeholders in our community.  10 mins
IV 6:45 Approval of:  02/20/19 – City Council Meeting Minutes  5 mins
1. 6:50 pm  Introduction to new Water Operator – Philip Agnor  10 mins
2. 7:00 pm  Mosier Energy Initiative – Mark Cherniack  15 mins
3. 7:15 pm  Rock Creek Confluence Buoy Committee  – Lacy Gries  15 mins
4. 7:30 pm  Salem Visits   – Mayor Burns  10 mins
5. 7:40 pm  Rock Ck Park Entrance Restoration – City Manager, Colleen Coleman Historic Highway Commission Mtg, 10am, 3/21, Mosier Sr. CenterJacobs Landscape Architect, Shawn Kummer to present Mosier Derailment Site Restoration Plan  10 mins
6. 7:50 pm  Cherry Trees to Line Hwy 30? – Possible Donation from Jeff Miller  10 mins
7. 8:00 pm  TSP Ordinance Second Reading /Adoption – City Council  10 mins
8. 8:10 pm  City Manager Update – Colleen Coleman  10 mins
9. 8:20 pm Items to send to Suzi Conklin for Mosier Valley News  – Council  5 mins
10. 8:25 pm Announcements  5 mins
VI 8:30 pm ADJOURN