City Council Agenda 9/18/19

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I 6:30 pm                 City Council Meeting Call to Order – Mayor Burns  05 mins
II 6:35 pm Agenda corrections or additions  05 mins
III 6:40 pm Public Comment –  This is for Mosier residents and anyone else to express concerns, needs, or opportunities.  Please keep your comments succinct and under two minutes.  You may bring in written materials for Committee and Staff to review.  The Facilitator can assign the issue to a future Committee meeting, or to an appropriate Committee or staff member.  Please realize that we cannot always offer a response immediately but will give the matter due consideration. We encourage the participation of all stakeholders in our community.  10 mins
IV 6:50 pm Approval of:  09/04/2019 – City Council Meeting Minutes  5 mins
1. 6:55 pm Vote on Council Position Applicants – All Council 10 mins
2. 7:05 pm Community Solar Prentation– Ameresco Rep. Bruce Poulin 25 mins
3. 7:30 pm Staff Reports – Jayme Bennett, Andy Wells, Nick Kraemer, John Grim 45 mins
6. 8:15 pm Announcements 5 mins
VI 8:20 pm ADJOURN  



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