Mosier City Council

City Council Members are elected volunteers.  They live within City limits and are your neighbors.  They all have full time jobs and families but they also spend a lot of time on City committees and projects because they love Mosier!

The Mosier City Council meets the first and third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Mosier Senior Center, located at 500 East Second Ave.  If you want to receive email notices of the meeting schedules and agendas, please email City Hall:
Mosiercityhall AT

Come join us and help us to represent the needs of all Mosier citizens.  Come to the City Office to ask about the election cycle.  When there are vacancies on Council, you can apply for a nomination to a City Council seat.  For an application form, click HERE.

These volunteers are the faces of your Mosier local government:

Arlene Burns, Mayor

Arlene Burns







Arlene Burns had been exploring the hidden niches of the planet till Mosier found her one windy afternoon over 20 years ago.  She has worked as an outdoor industry consultant,  expedition leader, photojournalist and in various capacities in the film industry.  She hopes to bring some of her global perspective and creative problem solving to the challenges facing our small community, and to help create a template that will serve not only Mosier but other small communities with limited population and infrastructure.

Arlene Burns was elected Mayor of Mosier in November of 2014. You can reach her at


Emily Reed, Council President

Emily Reed
Emily Reed has worked as a Brand Strategist for over 20 years, helped start the Mosier Farmers’ Market, puts on Interesting Gorge each year, and plays rugby on Sunday afternoons at the school. She is  passionate about downtown beautification and coordinated the Mosier 100 Year efforts.

Peny Wallace, City Councilor

Peny and violin

Peny Wallace has lived in Mosier since 1990. She has been on City Council since 2004. She feels that Mosier is a very special place with very unique and appreciative residents. She supports local voice and their best interests and has been on a variety of committees working towards these goals.

She enjoys hiking, sailing, jogging and all the beautiful adventures that the Gorge has to offer. She teaches Art at The Dalles Wahtonka High School and is a Lifecast artist in her artistic profession. She plays music both in the local Community Orchestra-Symphonetta and in Barley Draught, a Gorge area Irish band. Her daughter and husband also live in the area and she is a Grandmother of 2 twin Grandsons who live in Springfield, Oregon. She has been a resident of Oregon for the past 30 years attending Southern Oregon University and University of Oregon. She loves living in Mosier in all seasons and would not want to be anywhere else.

Witt Anderson, City Councilor

With Anderson


Witt Anderson and his wife Myrna moved to Mosier in 2016 after living in the Sherwood/Newberg area for nearly 30 years.  Witt retired from the US Army Corps of Engineers with 35 years of service involving the Federal Columbia River Power System.  He previously spent several years as a volunteer and Board member with Habitat for Humanity and currently is a volunteer with the Mosier Fire District.  Witt continues part time work as a consultant with Federal agencies and Tribes on Columbia River issues and aside from volunteer work, he and Myrna enjoy outdoor recreation activities in the Gorge.

Acasia Berry, City Councilor


Acasia Berry has worked in conservation for over 30 years and hopes her fundraising, community engagement, and fiscal management experience will benefit Mosier. Her work experience includes running an experiential learning river festival, riparian restoration, and arid land water catchment. She is amazed at all there is to explore and discover in the Gorge and is proud to call Mosier home.

Lacy Gries, City Councilor

Lacy Gries.jpg

Lacy Gries joined Mosier City Council in May 2016. She loves the small, beautiful town of Mosier and wants to help further promote the city’s current plan and direction in terms of future growth and development. Lacy hopes her experience as a teacher and union representative will positively contribute to the council and community.

Lacy enjoys yoga, sailing, and the sunshine. She is loving life with her husband and every moment spent in Mosier.

Ann Van Osdol, City Councilor


Ann Van Osdol is a life-long resident of Mosier. She attended Mosier school for 12 years and graduated from Mosier High school with a class of 12 classmates in 1961. A former member of the fire department, she served in both fire service and EMS. She was also a council member in the 80s when she served as Mayor for a period of time. She recently moved back to Mosier in 2015 after 20 years in The Dalles. But we forgive her.