Mosier Radio Ad

Here is the radio ad (sponsored by UPRR) to help draw people back to Mosier for the cherries, cider, ice cream, home furnishings, beer, wine, etc. following the derailment:

City Council Meeting on Derailment June 9

Below are 2 videos of the City Council meeting on June 9th where we invited key guest to help answer any questions about the derailment. We structured the meeting by topic with Q&A within each topic.

Part 1

0:00 Intros

6:25 Where we are now (updates)

21:36 Sewer & Water

48:42 Unified Command 101

1:04 Restarting of the Trains

Mosier City Council Meeting, 9 June 2016, Pt 1 from Michael McKeag on Vimeo.

Part 2

00:00 Restarting the Trains/Concerns of Safety cont.

1:02 Going Forward (how to get involved in the issues)

1:13 Getting Back to Normal (ad campaign + school party)

Mosier City Council Meeting, 9 June 2016, Pt 2 from Michael McKeag on Vimeo.

Note: there was no video allowed at the UPRR hosted community meeting on June 10th but the City volunteers are working on a series of questions and answers (FAQs) to post on this site

Derailment Update

Mosier Derailment Unified Command
News Update 8 ­ 11 a.m. June 7, 2016

More than half of the oil in derailed train cars moved to The Dalles
MOSIER, Ore. ­­ Crews recovered a significant amount of oil from derailed cars overnight and could have all of the oil transloaded off­site by day’s end.
Crews transloaded more than 65 truck loads of recovered oil by Tuesday morning. It’s estimated that about 25 more truck loads remain. Once all of the oil is transloaded, crews will begin removing the damaged rail cars.
The oil is being transferred to The Dalles on special tanker trucks and staged for transport by rail to Tacoma, Wash., its original destination.
Water sample tests showed that the water is safe to drink. At 2 p.m., Monday, June 6, the city lifted the boil water advisory for all residents except for two homes on Rock Creek Road.
Union Pacific has identified a preliminary cause of the crash, saying a bolt that fastens the rail to the railroad ties may have been at fault. But the final determination of the cause has not been made.
Sixteen tanker cars carrying Bakken crude oil derailed Friday afternoon, June 3. Officials estimate that 42,000 gallons of crude escaped from four rail cars. Thirteen cars remain at the wreckage site. The cars were part of a 96­car train carrying Bakken crude oil to Tacoma, Wash.
It is estimated that 10,000 gallons of oil were removed from the wastewater system after the crash with the remaining 32,000 gallons either burned off and vaporized, captured by booms in the Columbia River, or absorbed by soil.
Booms remain in place as a precautionary measure but no new signs of oil sheen have been seen on the river or other waterways. Environmental crews believe the source of the sheen has been controlled.
Traffic resumed on the rail line through Mosier Sunday evening, June 5, with trains limited to 10 mph.
Crews continue to carefully monitor air and water quality around the site of the crash.
A temporary bypass system, which allowed the city to restore sewer service to local customers, remains in place. The city’s wastewater is being collected and trucked to Hood River for disposal.
Federal, state, tribal, and local authorities remain at the command center near the scene to coordinate response until the cleanup is complete.
Media and citizen inquiries can be directed to: M, an information kiosk is located at the Mosier School, and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is providing public updates at
Other sources of information:
Oregon DEQ Mosier web site: b Facebook: h ttps:// Twitter: h ttps://
Union Pacific: w

Mosier Tree Lighting 2015

We had an amazing turn out – especially given the rain! But that didn’t stop the organic chili (a huge thanks to the school) and cornbread (donated by Point Man International Ministries and Choose Sprouted Life Bakery 215 Court St, The Dalles!), the fantastic music by Leslie Saunders, the dedication of the new drinking fountain by the American Legion, the slow reveal of the new solar lights or the magical appearance of Santa.

Seeking Candidates

Get Elected!  The City of Mosier is seeking Candidates for Mayor and for City Council Seats!  Come into the City Office to pick up a Candidate filing form or click here to access a form online.

The filing period is from July 17th through August 26th.  The filing fee of $10.00 is waived if the candidate wishes to collect 10 valid signatures instead.