A ‘Net Zero’ facility to support regional safety & economic vitality in the heart of the Gorge

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Regional Fire & EMS Support: Mosier is a small but growing and increasingly diverse community that supports The Dalles & Hood River as well as other communities in the region via Mutual Aid agreements. Mosier Fire also regularly assists accidents along I-84, at rest stops and within Memaloose State Park. This facility will provide much needed space for ongoing fire and medical training. It is also slated to be the first certified net zero fire station in the country.

Ability to serve as ‘Command Central’ for Emergencies: Mosier Fire has hosted several conflagrations in the last decade including the Microwave Fire in 2011, the Oil Train Derailment in 2016, and subsequent Memaloose fires in 2018 and the catastrophic Mosier Creek fires in 2020. With growing fire dangers in the area we are likely to host more in the coming decades. The location is also a key communications check point in local emergency plans.

Regional Tourism / Economic Development: Located on the Historic Hwy, the new center will provide information, restrooms & services for the 2 million tourists who travel through the Gorge each year. These numbers grow each year and doubled after the Eagle Creek Fire pushing hikers and bikers East to our area.

History Museum / Community Gathering Space for Wider Valley & Regional Partners: Mosier is the civic and social hub for over 2000 residents and many community organizations in the wider Mosier valley. The new building will include a home for the Mosier Valley Historical Society’s collection of photos and artifacts as well as visitor center, meeting spaces and kitchen use.

Food Pantry & Emergency Shelter: Especially after Covid-19 economic impacts, food insecurity is an issue in the Gorge and 98% of the region’s food is shipped in by truck. These facilities provide the public with a Resiliency Hub in case I-84 is closed off for an extended period.


After a 2016 oil train derailment , 2018 Memaloose I & II fires and 2020 Mosier Creek, Dry Creek and Seven Mile fires, the City of Mosier and Mosier Fire District have recognized a dire need for community resilience. We are now more determined than ever to build the “Mosier Center” with state of the art emergency and public services.

COST: $6.5 Million

FUNDS REQUEST: $750,000 State
$650,000 Federal

$5.15 Million


Join us in creating the future Mosier Center


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