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Main Street in Mosier
Come Join the Fun on Main Street in Mosier!
NEW!  UPRR Fact Sheet on Double Track Project 2/2/15 UPDATE on UPRR Double Track Proposal 

The Corps has determined the UPRR Second Mainline project appears to meet the thresholds of the 2012 Nationwide Permits. As such, the Corps is evaluating the proposal as multiple Nationwide Permit 14’s (Linear Transportation Projects), and will not be issuing a Public Notice. The Corps may re-evaluate our approach to the permit evaluation if we receive new or different information about potential impacts to aquatic resources.

1/26/2015 UPDATE on UPRR Double Track Proposal 

 Last week, UPRR submitted an application to the US Army Corps of Engineers for 5.37 miles of new second mainline track to parallel their existing mainline track through Mosier, Oregon.  As soon as the application is deemed complete, the Corps will open a Public Comment period.  Click here for a summary of the application and proposals for wetlands mitigation.

Did you miss the Mosier Second Track Information Panel Meeting? Access the presentations by clicking the following links: Map of UPRR 2nd Track Project Union Pacific Mosier Presentation (Simple FAQ sheet to come in January) US Army Corps of Engineers Mosier Presentation (What the Corps does, Permitting Process, Public Participation) Mosier Fire District Information (Information from Chief Appleton) Wasco County Planning Department Presentation (coming soon) Wasco County Emergency Management Presentation (Railway Incident Preparedness and Local Response Capabilities) Friends of the Columbia Gorge Mosier Presentation (Why here? Why now? Oil/Coal concerns. Permitting and How You Can Participate in the Process!) UPRR Pre-Application Docs to Army Corps of Engineers (Good general overview of Project) UPRR General Q/A for Army Corps of Engineers  (Good general Q/A)
Mosier Train Tack Info Panel
Mosier Second Track Info Panel:  Dec. 10th
Please Join the Mosier City Council for a special Public Meeting at 7 pm on December 10th, 2014, to discuss the proposed Second Rail Track in Mosier.    
Free Leaf Pick-Up Day!
Free Leaf Drop Off Day!
Saturday November 15th is Free Leaf Drop Off Day! The City of Mosier and The Dalles Disposal are pleased to offer Mosier residents an opportunity to turn leaves into compost as a great alternative to air-polluting burn piles.   The Dalles Disposal trucks will set up near the Totem Plaza and will receive your leaves and small branches. Please call the city office for more information.    
Congratulations, Mosier City Council!
Congratulations, Mosier City Council!
November 4th, 2014: Congratulations to Arlene Burns (Mayor-elect), Peny Wallace (Incumbent Councilor), and Jacki Sterner (Councilor-elect)! Mosier will have a new Council on January 1st 2015.  Please join us at the first City Council meeting of the year on January 7th to welcome the incoming Council.        
Get Elected!
Get Elected!
The City of Mosier is seeking Candidates for Mayor and for City Council Seats!  Come into the City Office to pick up a Candidate filing form or click here to access a form online. The filing period is from July 17th through August 26th.  The filing fee of $10.00 is waived if the candidate wishes to collect 10 valid signatures instead.    
Celebrate the Centennial!
Happy Birthday to us!  The City of Mosier turns 100 years old in September, 2014.  Go to mosier100year.com to find out more about events and ways to join in the fun.