October 2, 2019 at 5:00 PM at the Mosier Senior Center 500 East 2nd Ave. Mosier, Oregon 97040

The City Council will convene at 5:00 PM to vote and adopt a resolution as the contracting board for procurement process exempting competitive bid and approving alternative delivery method for the Joint Use Facility project “Mosier Center”.

Adjourn 5:10

The Joint Use Facility Committee will follow the previously posted agenda (see below), with a corrected call to order at 5:10

Joint Use Facility Committee Agenda

  1. 5:10 Call to order and approval of September MTG Minutes
  2. Public Comment on Draft ORS-279C Findings (posted on Fire and City websites, and at City Hall, as well as the Agenda packet for the City Council MTG on Sept 18, 2019)
  3. JUF Committee Discussion and Adoption of Draft Findings
  4. Minarik Architecture Presentation of Schematic Design Process
  5. Next Steps


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