Mosier City Council Agenda 6/17/20

6:30pmICall to Order/Roll Call –  Mayor Burns
 IIAgenda corrections or additions
6:35IIIBusiness from the Audience – This is for Mosier residents and anyone else to express concerns, needs, or opportunities.  Please keep your comments succinct and under two minutes.  You may bring in written materials for Committee and Staff to review.  The Facilitator can assign the issue to a future Committee meeting, or to an appropriate Committee or staff member. We encourage the participation of all stakeholders in our community.
6:45IV Approval of:  06/03/2020 Council Meeting Minutes
6:50 1. Budget Resolution and Tax Assessment – Mayor Burns
6:55 2. WWTP Plan Update Presentation – Tom Coleman, RH2
7:45 3. State of Emergency / Rock Ck Park Opening/Messaging Discussion – Mayor Burns
8:00 4. Letter to Governor in Support of Advancing Energy Efficiency in Bldg Codes  – Mayor Burns