Notice on Payment Methods for Water/Sewer Bills

Dear City of Mosier Residents,

Re: Community Water and Sewer – Shared Resources

The City of Mosier is every one of us who lives in Mosier. Each citizen’s water and sewer connection is a permanent and continuing commitment to a healthy water and sewer system for all. Thanks to the foresight and hard work of past City community leaders and staff, the City of Mosier’s water and sewer systems are healthy and capable of handling future residential, business, or light industrial growth development.

The City of Hood River has been processing our water/sewer billing for several years. The City of Mosier will no longer be accepting utility billing payments dropped off at City Hall, or mailed directly to the City of Mosier, or paid to the City of Mosier.

The City has allowed for several years of adjustment to the new Xpress Bill Pay program, largely due to COVID-19 hardships for many of our friends, families, and community members. We have about 7-8 residents that are still hand delivering payments to city hall. This used to be a number closer to 100! So, we have all really come a long way in our process of improvement and acclimating to the change.

The City of Hood River electronic and physical bill statements come with envelopes, and a payment address for our customers. If you don’t want to sign up for Xpress Bill Pay (see link below for more information on it), you can either mail your bills to Hood River or drop them off directly in the Hood River payment box:

  • ADDRESS: 211 2nd Street, Hood River
  • EMAIL:
  • PHONE: 541-387-5216

Xpress Bill Pay:

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