Notice: Security Gate Implementation at Rock Creek Park

If you’ve been to Rock Creek Park in the past six or seven months, you’ve probably noticed the security gate at the entrance to the park. This gate will go live soon, at which point anyone wanting to drive into the park will need an access card.

Access cards will replace the paper passes. The cost won’t change ($50 for annual access, and $5 for one day) nor will the place to get them, Mosier Market. And of course, you can still park outside the park and walk in.

When live, the gate arm will be down all the time, and open only during – roughly – dawn to dusk, for drivers with valid access cards. Just drive up to the gate and tap your card on the black card reader on the post. Two LED lights should flash green, and the gate arm should raise. You’ll then have 30 seconds to drive through before the arm lowers and locks again. A pressure plate will open the arm for you as you drive out. A sign will be posted with a phone number to call if you have trouble.

The security gate will help ensure park users pay the appropriate fee, replacing the honor system – and that will help the City afford to keep the park in good condition for its users.

If you have questions or concerns about this, please email

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