Plaza & Bike Hub

Mosier Plaza & Bike Hub

The Gorge Hubs project presents a means of connecting visitors on a tour of the Gorge, while demonstrating resilience and sharing the message of responsible recreation.

This project will construct the Mosier Plaza & Bike Hub in downtown Mosier along the Historic Columbia River Highway, directly adjacent to and across from the new Mosier Center.

Mosier Plaza & Bike Hub — Overhead


Project amenities will include: a permanent home for the Mosier Farmer’s Market, new recreation facilities for residents and visitors on Mosier’s main street consisting of Mosier’s first ADA accessible public restrooms, pedestrian and bike paths, a bicycle repair station and natural areas with views across the Columbia River to Washington’s famous ecological lift, locally known as the Syncline.

The project will improve trail connectivity between Mark Hatfield State Park, the Mosier and Rowena Plateaus and Memaloose State Park.

Mosier Plaza & Bike Hub — Landscape

The Mosier Plaza & Bike Hub repair station will serve thousands of cyclists who ride into Mosier at the eastern terminus of the Twin Tunnels trail from Hood River every year.

These facilities will also be used by a growing group of visitors to Mosier including hikers who visit the nearby trails and those driving historic Highway 30. They will also provide services to Mosier residents by connecting to the play field at Mosier School, directly across Hwy 30, via a safe crosswalk. Park amenities will include a children’s fountain, picnic and relaxation areas, bike and walking paths and a native plant garden.

The Plaza and Bike Hub provides a suite of recreational services that are consistent with Mosier’s “2015 Slo Mo Plan”and “2018 Transportation System Plan” vision for passive recreation along Hwy 30 and is key to the community’s longterm development plan to accommodate both child safety and accessible trails for an aging population in Mosier.

Mosier Plaza & Bike Hub — Map
Mosier Plaza & Bike Hub — Location