Charter, Plans, Maps

2018 Strategic Plan

City Charter

1978 Comprehensive Plan and Updates

2003 Downtown and Local Street Network Plan

2003 Waterfront Park Master Plan

2002 Mosier Watershed Assessment 

2009 mosier-survey-final-report-2009

2009 mosier-brochure-5-19-09Final Strategic Plan 2018

Phase I ESA UPRR and Bike Hub Properties

2010 Citizen Planning Tool: Mosier’s Main Street and Industrial Areas 

 2011 Mosier Visioning for Downtown and Quarry 

2015 Slow Mo Final Plan:  Concept Design for Highway 30, Mosier’s Main Street


Mosier Water System Map

Mosier Sewer System Map

Mosier Zoning Map

Mosier Address Map

Sanborn Map 1920

Sanborn Map 1920 – 2