Business Zoning

The City of Mosier has two business-related zones, C (commercial) and I (industrial). This map illustrates where each is. Zone C is blue, while Zone I is the black hatching.

For all the details on business activity and requirements in these zones, see Municipal Code Title 15. Below are some key facts.

Zone C Prohibited Uses

  1. Drive through facilities where the building is 200 sq.ft. or larger
  2. Commercial uses with a footprint larger than 25,000 sq.ft.
  3. Outside storage
  4. Recreational vehicle park
  5. Formula take-out restaurant, such as a fast food operation.
  6. Aggregate resource extraction and processing and accessory uses, including
    hauling, crushing and batching

Zone I Conditional Uses

Light industrial uses may be permitted which take place inside an enclosed building and accessory uses including transportation, loading, unloading and temporary staging.

Zone I Prohibited Uses

Aggregate resource extraction and processing and accessory uses – including crushing, hauling and batching – are prohibited.


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