There are three parks in Mosier.

Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek is a seasonal stream that runs along the western edge of the Mosier City limits.  The Park occupies the land between the creek bed, I-84, the railroad, and the ramp to I-84. 

It features a large parking lot, a lawn, picnic benches, a covered deck, a port-a-potty, and shade. 

Parking in the park itself requires a $5 day pass or a $30 seasonal pass, available at Mosier Market at 1010 1st Ave., just across from Totem Plaza. Parking is free outside the park entrance, along Rock Creek Rd.

It also provides access to – and parking for – Rock Creek Beach, which is a popular site for windsurfing, kiteboarding, wing surfing/foiling, and more.  On windy days in summer, the parking lot can fill up, so plan accordingly.

How to Get There

Once you’re off the highway and on the overpass, you’ll curve around to the left.  Take the left at the end of that curve, onto Rock Creek Rd. 

After you’ve gone under the overpass, look for the large gravel parking lot on the right, and the park gate.  If you get to a bridge, you’ve gone too far.

Drive through the gate and under the railroad to the parking lot.

Pocket Park

Mosier’s Pocket Park was dedicated in 2002, and encompasses the lower portion of the Mosier Plateau Trail, including Mosier Pioneer Cemetery and the Mosier Falls swimming hole.  There are a number of benches, one of which is off the main trail and overlooks the town.

Read Friends of the Columbia Gorge’s overview, or see who’s buried there.

Pocket Park map
The approximate area of Pocket Park

Totem Plaza

This homey hangout spot in the middle of town centers around the 29-foot totem pole sculpted by noted Wasco County wood sculptor Jeff Stewart, capturing elements from Mosier’s history.  Gaze up at the totem and see if you can spot the salmon, the heron, and the eagle!

The park, which is decorated with art by local residents, features a number of places to sit, including a picnic bench, as well as port-a-potties, a water station, …

Right next door is a taco truck, across the street are a market and a coffee shop, and a block away is a local restaurant.

See the Yelp page for more photos.

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