UPRR Double Track Project

Double Track.JPG

Mosier residents have two opportunities to learn more about this proposed project:

  1.  Wasco County Planning Commission Public Hearing on September 6th, 3:00 pm at The Dalles Discovery Center:  5000 Discovery Drive.
  2. Mosier City Council presentation by UPRR on September 7th, 6:30 pm, at the Mosier Senior Center at 500 East Second Ave.

East Mosier Water: Fixed!

The new motor for the east Mosier pump was installed at 2:00 pm on Friday.  The tank has been slowly filling since then, and normal water usage may resume.  Thanks to all east-side residents for your understanding and patience!

City of Mosier

Possible Water Outage: East Mosier

Date:  Friday, August 19th 2016

To:  Residents on the east side of the Mosier Creek Bridge (Hwy 30):

The motor that pumps your water up to the Mosier East Water Tank has failed.  The City is working quickly to install a replacement today.

Please conserve your water use!  A possible outage depends on everyone’s usage.


Update at 9:45 am:  The electricians have picked up the motor in Clackamas County and are on their way back to Mosier to install it.  The East Tank is almost empty.  Please do NOT use water if you don’t have to.

Update at 11:30 am:  The motor has not arrived yet, but the crew is on its way after picking up more parts in Odell.  If all goes well, they will have the pump working by 4:00 pm today.

Update at 2:00 pm:  The motor has been installed and is working perfectly.  The water tank is filling up and everyone on the east side should have normal water pressure.

Special City Council and Joint Meeting

Notice of:
Joint Special Meeting of Mosier City Council, Mosier Fire District Board, and Unified Boards of Mosier Community School Foundation, Inc. and Mosier Middle School Board of Directors
Thursday, July 28, 2016 6:30PM

  1. Call to Order
  2. Creation of an Intergovernmental agreement related to dealing with the train derailment
  3. Discussion on engagement of legal counsel to advise the public bodies concerning the train derailment
  4. Executive session pursuant to ORS 192.660 (2) (a) to “consider the employment of a public officer, employee, staff member or individual agent”; to wit, to consider the employment of Legal Counsel to represent and advise all three public entities in connection with the derailment
  5. Discuss actions arising from executive session
  6. Adjourn

Mosier City Council Special Meeting
Thursday, July 28, 2016 immediately following the joint meeting

  1. Call to Order
  2. Motion on the creation of an Intergovernmental agreement related to dealing with the train derailment
  3. Adjourn

Mosier Radio Ad

Here is the radio ad (sponsored by UPRR) to help draw people back to Mosier for the cherries, cider, ice cream, home furnishings, beer, wine, etc. following the derailment:

City Council Meeting on Derailment June 9

Below are 2 videos of the City Council meeting on June 9th where we invited key guest to help answer any questions about the derailment. We structured the meeting by topic with Q&A within each topic.

Part 1

0:00 Intros

6:25 Where we are now (updates)

21:36 Sewer & Water

48:42 Unified Command 101

1:04 Restarting of the Trains

Mosier City Council Meeting, 9 June 2016, Pt 1 from Michael McKeag on Vimeo.

Part 2

00:00 Restarting the Trains/Concerns of Safety cont.

1:02 Going Forward (how to get involved in the issues)

1:13 Getting Back to Normal (ad campaign + school party)

Mosier City Council Meeting, 9 June 2016, Pt 2 from Michael McKeag on Vimeo.

Note: there was no video allowed at the UPRR hosted community meeting on June 10th but the City volunteers are working on a series of questions and answers (FAQs) to post on this site