Short-Term Rental Committee

Short-term rentals (STRs) have grown in popularity in recent decades, and can pose challenges for communities. A community functions best when everyone is invested in and engaged with it, and short-term renters are inevitably less engaged. To make that point clear, imagine a community that consists only of short-term renters – would we even call that a community? Who would volunteer where needed? Who would join vital committees and civic groups?

So this committee was formed to balance the needs of STR operators, many of who are also Mosier residents, with the high quality of life we all value Mosier for.

The committee’s work is now done, and City Council is working to finalize the details.

Committee Documents

Public Presentation on draft ordinance, August 2023

Draft STR Ordinance, August 10, 2023

Public Presentation on committee recommendations, June 2023

Committee Recommendations & Associated Information, June 21, 2023

Short-term Rental Committee Members

  • Lizzy Payne: Community member & STR operator
  • Elizabeth McNanny: Main Street Mosier member, Mosier Valley community member
  • Ron Wright: City Councilor & community member
  • Charlie Cannon: City Councilor & community member
  • Emily Stranz: Community member


Short-Term Rental or STR – a house, duplex, multi-plex, apartment, condominium, houseboat, trailer, or other residential dwelling unit where guest bedrooms or the entire residential dwelling unit may be rented for transient occupancy. A short-term rental is either a “vacation home rental” or a “hosted homeshare.”

Hosted Homeshare – a STR operating on the same property where the Owner maintains the Owner’s primary residence. A hosted homeshare may be a portion of the Owner’s primary residence or attached to the Owner’s primary residence; or it may be a dwelling unit that is detached from the Owner’s primary residence, such as a detached accessory dwelling unit.

Vacation Home Rental – a short-term rental on a property that is not the Owner’s primary residence.

Committee Guiding Principles

STRs and the well-being of the community should have a positive reciprocal relationship:

  • A vibrant, healthy community draws visitors to Mosier which supports local STRs.
  • STRs should provide benefit to the local community.

Some of the economic incentives of STRs that we would like to promote include:

  • Increasing the feasibility of home ownership for full-time residents.
  • Support for local businesses.
  • Financial support for the broader Mosier community (i.e. all Mosier residents and the City of Mosier).

Maintaining the high quality of life for the Mosier community is a priority. Aspects of our community that we want to promote include:

  • The genuine “small town” culture.
  • Knowing our neighbors; neighborhoods that primarily consist of full-time residents.
  • The quiet, peaceful, and slow pace of life.
  • Affordable housing that supports a diverse community.
  • Safe streets and low traffic.

Committee Process

Here are the basic steps the Committee went through:

  1. Sent a survey out to the Mosier Community, gathering 117+ responses
  2. Created “guiding principles” based on survey input
  3. Researched ordinances & lessons learned from other communities
  4. Used guiding principles & lessons learned to shape recommendations


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