Council Goals 2014-17


The City Council adopts goals to reflect the community vision and to guide decision-making at all levels of City government. The goal setting process builds Council consensus on policies and projects that impact City residents, businesses and the community as a whole. The Administration uses the community vision and City Council goals to set priorities, direct work activities, and allocate staff and financial resources.

City Council sets their goals based on public input.  Mosier citizens have participated in many planning activities since the Mosier Comprehensive Plan of 1978, and the results of these visioning efforts guide the City Council.

To access the Mosier Citizen Visioning Documents, go to Public Documents.

For an overview and history of these documents, click here:  History of Mosier Visioning Efforts.

Mosier City Council Goals and Projects 2014-2017

 Goal 1:  Our City Supports and Encourages Arts and Culture

  • Art and Sculpture Downtown Walk (Completed)
  • Creative Cross Walks (Completed)
  • Fruit Ladders  (Completed)
  • Sharing Our Gifts mural project with Native American Artist Toma Villa  (Completed)
  • All Centennial Celebration activities  (Completed)
  • New Cemetery software preserves Mosier History and allows public access  (Completed)
  • City Museum
  • Library Investment
  • Art in the Parks

Goal 2:  Our City is a Leader in Environmental Sustainability

  • LED Streetlight retrofit (ongoing)
  • TMDL Plan  (Completed)
  • Promote Mosier as a Green Community (ongoing)
  • Continue to work with the Mosier Watershed Council to preserve and protect our aquifer system
  • Multimodal transportation encouraged (ongoing)
  • Rock Creek Stream Restoration Project  (Completed)
  • Prevention of Oil/Coal exports through the Gorge
  • Edible Forests Program
  • Recycling in Public Spaces

Goal 3Our City is Committed to Public Participation and Engagement

  • Website Maintenance and Development
  • Volunteer Program and Handbook–Fostering Volunteers (completed and ongoing)
  • Council Member Recruitment
  • Community-based Centennial Celebration Activities  (Completed)
  • Certify the Pioneer Cemetery for Cremains Burials  (Completed)
  • Office:  Improve Form and Function  (Completed and ongoing)
  • Better Public Communication through existing and new sources (website, Mosier Valley Newsletter, Facebook Page)

 Goal 4:  Our City Invests in a Vibrant Downtown that Attracts and Retains Locally-Owned Businesses    

  • Downtown Beautification (Many projects through Centennial Celebration)
  • Public Restrooms:  PortaPotty Remodel (completed)  Gas Station option (researched)
  • Keith Chamberlain Park No-fee Permit to Improve the site as an Entrance to Mosier and Public Gathering area  (Completed)
  • Centennial Celebration Activities  (Completed)
  • Permitting Process is Streamlined to Encourage Small Businesses  (Completed)
  • Highway 30 Streetscape Improvement Plan  (Completed)
  • Gorge Hub System:  Mosier Bike Hub Developed (ongoing)
  • Transportation System Plan:  2016-2017
  • UPRR Property Acquisition (2017-2018)
  • ODOT/Mosier Quarry:  Shared Uses Discussion (ongoing)
  • Downtown Street signage for City and Trailhead Parking
  • Downtown Development Citizen Committee
  • Drinking Fountain (Completed)

Goal 5:  Our City is Prepared for Emergencies

  • Mosier Emergency Management Committee begins work with the Wasco County Emergency Management Program
  • Snow Removal Program is developed (maps developed and available on website, City continues to work with contractor on improvements to system)
  • Emergency Preparedness for Oil/Coal trains (ongoing)
  • Dead Pine Tree Removal Project
  • Annual Fire Hydrant Flushing, Maintenance Work (including painting), Upgrades when needed
  • Safety Committee meets Quarterly (implemented on ongoing)

Goal 6:  Our City Provides First-Rate Services

  • Water System projects and management
  • Complete Telemetry System to Tank 3 & 4 (completed)
    Complete Generator connection to Well 4  (Completed)
  • Telemetry Update for East Reservoir (2016/17)
    Water system Plan, Well #5, and Rate Evaluation (current project)
  • Sewer System projects and management
  • Evaluate and identify rate increases  (Completed)
  • Alternative WWTP Operator options  (Completed)
  • Initiate Contract Discussion with CH2M. (contract renewal 2018)
  • Streets/Stormwater projects and management
  • Research  TUFs plan for Street Maintenance and Implement
    Continued Maintenance of Streets
    Fix 3rd Ave. shoulder from Center St. to the School
  • Office re-organization  (Completed)
  • Office Staff re-organization   (Completed)
  • Utility Billing System overhaul(Completed)
  • New Cemetery management system  (Completed)
  • City Property/Cemetery replat project and lease update
  • Website functions as a 24/7 Office  (Completed)
  • Upload all projects on Agora Platform  (Completed)

Goal 7:  Our City is Fiscally Responsible

  • Set % Reserve Limits for funds
  • Create better financial checks and balances  (Completed)
  • Fix the Sewer Fund  (Completed)
  • City Property Surplus Project (to benefit Water Fund)
  • Decrease expenditures in General Fund
  • Find new revenue streams for General Fund

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