Landslide Inventory and Risk Reduction in Wasco County

With Mosier being laid out, and increasingly populated, up against several old basalt bluffs with tons of loose rock, landslides are a real concern.

The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) has released a new report, Landslide Inventory and Risk Reduction of the North and Central Portions of Wasco County, Oregon (Open File Report O-23-02).

Landslides are common throughout Oregon due to the combination of high precipitation, steep slopes, landslide-prone geologic units, and frequent earthquakes. In June 2020, DOGAMI received a grant from the Federal Emergency Management agency (FEMA) through the Risk MAP program as a Cooperating Technical Partner to perform regional landslide inventory mapping of the north and central portions of Wasco County, Oregon. A share of this funding was passed through to Wasco County Planning and Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development to work on risk reduction activities. The purpose of this project was to provide detailed information about the landslide hazards in this area and perform continued landslide risk reduction.

You can read the whole report, or if you want, you can just see the Mosier landslide map.


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