About the City of Mosier Government

Mosier city government consists of the Mayor, the City Council, and City Hall staff.

Mosier City Hall Staff

City Hall staff can be reached by telephone at 877-319-8467, by fax at 877-553-3601, or by email at help@cityofmosier.com.

Contact us at help@cityofmosier.com to get on our email list and stay on top of City announcements.

City ManagerJayme Bennett
City Recorder:  Jayme Bennett
Water MasterOscar Farris
City Engineer:  John Grim
City Attorney: Laura Westmeyer
Public Works OfficerCarl Gregory

Municipal Judge:  Steven W. Seymour Managing Partner; Samuels, Yoelin, Kantor, Seymour, and Spinrad, LLP.

Mosier City Council

City Council Members are elected volunteers. They live within City limits and are your neighbors. They all have full-time jobs and families but they also spend a lot of time on City committees and projects because they love Mosier!

Learn more about Mosier City Council and the Mayor.


We always need help. If any of the following topics interest you, contact the main office for more information:

Budget Committee: Budget Committee Application

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PO Box 456
208 Washington St, Mosier, OR 97040
Phone: 877-319-8467 / 541-478-3505
Fax: 877-553-3601 / 541-478-3810 help@cityofmosier.com
Public hours: M-Th, 10 am – 2 pm

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2 days 14 hours ago

Mosier's Winter Fest is tomorrow, in Totem Plaza from 5-7pm! See poster for timeline and what you can look forward to.


4 days 12 minutes ago

On this day 100 years ago... From The Hood River Glacier: No trace of the Mosier bank robbers has been found. A reward of $200


1 week 3 days ago

We may see some snow tomorrow. The National Weather Service thinks it'll change over to rain fairly fast, while other forecasts are showing all snow