Water Shut Off Policy and Fees

City of Mosier Water Shut Off Policy and Fees

In order to ensure equity for all, the City must set and enforce water and sewer payment policies. Because there are so few of us, each customer in arrears has a significant negative impact on the City’s ability to meet its obligations to pay for the construction, the operations, and the maintenance of these important systems.

Every dollar that someone avoids paying into the water and sewer system has to be made up by the rest of us.  For instance, if the City had 13 customers in arrears for one year it would cost every other customer an additional $60.00 a year. 

State And Federal Law

Federal and Oregon law allows municipalities to write and to follow their own policies regarding water shut-offs.  The City of Mosier’s water shut-off policy meets all federal and state laws and follows the Oregon Association of Water Utilities’ recommended procedures.  The following Oregon Revised Statutes make up the body of Oregon law that governs water shut-offs:  ORS 223.594, ORS 91.255, ORS 264.306, ORS 264.314, ORS 552.330.  Federal law gives the local jurisdictions the authority to govern their own water shut-off procedures.

Past Due Bill Procedure

If a customer has a past-due bill that remains unpaid more than 60 days after the date the city issues the bill, the city will send out a shut-off notice by mail.  On the 8th day after the notice has been sent, the City will hang a 48-hr shut-off notice on the service property and the customer will incur a $25.00 door hanger fee.  On the 10th day, the City will shut off the water service ($43.00 shut-off fee).  The bill must be paid in full before the water is turned back on ($43.00 turn on fee).   These measures will be taken if payment is not made in full. 

Can’t Pay Now?  Payment Arrangement Option

Before water service is shut off, a customer can come into the city office to make payment arrangements.  The payment arrangements cannot exceed 12 months and will only be considered if at least ½ the bill is paid on the date payment arrangements are agreed upon. 

  • It is understood that once a customer enters into a payment contract and for the length of the contract, the customer will not be subject to the regular late fee of $2.50.
  • It is also understood that once a customer defaults on a payment plan, that customer will not be entitled to enter into another payment plan until the existing bill is current.
  • If the customer defaults with any payment there will be a disconnection of water service after a 48-hour door hanger notice on the service property.

City Responsibility to All

The City office has a responsibility to all of its citizens to treat everyone equally and to make sure that every customer is meeting their individual responsibilities to the community to maintain the important services of water and sewer.

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