Water Leak Adjustments

City of Mosier Resolution 2006-03

Leak Adjustments – The City will provide a credit to a user’s water bill once every two years in the event of excessive water use caused by a plumbing leak.  In order to receive a bill adjustment, the user must provide to the City documented proof that the leak has been repaired, e.g., a service invoice or receipt for materials.  Afterward, the City will provide an adjustment to the water bill by recalculating charges associated with the volume rates for up to six months.  The City will apply the prevailing volume rates to the user’s average monthly water consumption prior to the leak.  In the event that history is not available for the user, volume rates will be applied to an assumed monthly consumption of 7,500 gallons, in order to calculate an adjusted bill.  The leak adjustment will not apply to a user’s fixed charges, which will be billed as normal.

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