Services are paid for out of our taxes, whether City, County, or State.

Animal Control and Rescue

Deputies from the Sheriff’s office handle animal control. Contact the Sheriff’s office at 541-506-2580 or

Wild animals can be taken to the Rowena Wildlife Clinic, but talk to them first if possible to make sure your interaction with and transport of the animal won’t harm it.

Dogs and cats, whether lost or feral, can be taken to Home At Last Humane Society and Gorge Cat Rescue, respectively.

Several pet clinics in the area offer emergency services, including after-hours on call veterinarians:


Mosier has two cemeteries, one of which is historic. See the Cemeteries page for more information.

Community Grant Application

If you or your organization would like to apply for a community grant from the City of Mosier, fill out the application form and drop it off at City Hall, 208 Washington St. If the door is locked, just slip it through the drop slot in the door.

Fire Department

Mosier Fire serves about 2500 people living in a 23 square mile area, and relies heavily on volunteers.

The Mosier area lies within one of the OR Dept. of Forestry’s Forest Protection Districts. An FPD is an area within which private and some federal lands are protected from fire by ODF. In addition, a wide array of activities including – but not limited to – campfires in state forestland, burning of debris piles, and operation of equipment, are restricted seasonally to minimize the risk of wildfire; most wildfires originate with human activity.

Mosier is part of the North Dalles Unit of ODF’s Central Oregon District, which determines the timing of seasonal restrictions for land not handled by local fire department’s like Mosier’s. See the Central OR District’s website for the latest information.

Fire non-emergency phone: 541-478-3333

Law Enforcement

Mosier has no police of its own, and all law enforcement is provided by the Wasco County Sheriff’s office, which you can contact at 541-506-2580 or

Medical Services

Mosier Fire provides EMT service for the Mosier area, so if you dial 911 for a medical issue, they’ll probably be the ones who get to you first.

The nearest hospital and emergency room is Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital in Hood River. Providence offers a wide array of services in Hood River.

Low-income residents and Spanish speakers may prefer to go to One Community Health (select your language in the lower right) for non-emergency care, since they offer a sliding payment scale based on income, and much of the staff speaks Spanish.


Three parks bless the City – read about them on the Parks page.

Post Office

Mosier’s USPS office provides pick up of mail and packages for City residents, plus a variety of services to the larger area. Learn more on the Post Office page.

Road Maintenance

Route 30, along with the lower part of Rock Creek Rd – up to the west end of the Twin Tunnels – is maintained by ODOT.

Contact: ODOT District 9, 541-296-2215

State Rd., along with a number of roads in the Mosier area, are maintained by Wasco County, whose website provides a map of them. If you want to report an issue with a County road, be prepared to distinguish between an emergency and a problem.

Contact: Arthur Smith, 541-980-0487 or Jeff MCall, 541-980-8868.

All other roads within City limits are maintained by the City of Mosier.

The land included in the City of Mosier

Snow Plow and Gravel Routes

Most, but not quite all, Mosier streets will be plowed in the even of a snowstorm. A few streets also get graveled. The County, ODOT, and the City all handle different routes, and the City uses a three-tier priority system. Learn more about it all here. For those outside City limits, this map will show you where the County plows.

Wasco County Services

The County provides a wide range of services, including elections, public health, waste and recycling, veterans’ services, and much more.

One service you might not expect the County to provide is an interactive mapping application, that lets you click on properties and other land-based elements to learn more about them. You can, for instance, find out who pays the taxes for a certain property and how it’s zoned, or which parts of the area are part of the Mount Hood National Forest, or which fire district a spot is in, or even what sort of soil an area has.

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PO Box 456
208 Washington St, Mosier, OR 97040
Phone: 877-319-8467 / 541-478-3505
Fax: 877-553-3601 / 541-478-3810
Public hours: M-Th, 10 am – 2 pm

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City of Mosier

21 hours 18 minutes ago

Here’s an update from Mayor Anderson: I just met with Incident Command. Firefighters are working on containment. No major structures have been lost. Mosier Fire

City of Mosier

22 hours 5 minutes ago

If you’re wondering what area the Microwave Tower Fire has covered, here’s a current map.

City of Mosier

1 day 19 hours ago


A new brush fire has started in the hills east of Mosier. Smoke is already streaming over us.