Because everyone deserves to the right to remain in the community that they love.

Mosier’s two historic cemeteries are vital public gathering spaces where residents form strong connections to Mosier history and their community.

For funeral services, we recommend Anderson’s Tribute Center in The Dalles. Contact 541-386-1000 or atc@AndersonsTributeCenter.com.

If you need a headstone or stone plaque, these may be able to help:

  • Robin at The Dalles Marble and Granite: 541-296-4124, cell: 541-298-6272
  • Pioneer Rock & Monument: 509-773-4702
  • Dave Cutler: cutler@gorge.net (sometimes carves headstones)

Mosier State Road Cemetery

Historically Significant:  In 1896, early settler Larkin Lamb deeded the Oak Grove Cemetery to trustees and then in 1906 the Oak Grove Cemetery became the IOOF Cemetery when it was deeded to that Mosier organization.  Mosier’s existing historic families all have generations of their loved ones buried in this cemetery.  Located on State Road just outside of city limits, the cemetery was deeded to the City in 1967.  For a small rural cemetery, the State Road Cemetery is a very active and well-loved foundation of the community.

Community Treasure:  Willis Gholston, a former Mosier postmaster, became the volunteer Cemetery Superintendent for both the State Road and the Mosier Pioneer cemeteries in the 1960’s.  Grant and Donita Wilson of Mosier took over the Superintendent duties when Willis’ health began to fail. Historic families such as the Huskeys  took on responsibility for the grounds maintenance for the State Road Cemetery, and the Mosier American Legion still performs Memorial Day ceremonies.  In 2013 Alan Root, a third generation Mosier blacksmith, hand crafted and installed a beautiful iron ornamental gate for the main entrance.  Penny Kennedy, of another generational Mosier family, has devoted over 300 hours to historical research and documentation.  Since the City of Mosier assumed all operational and maintenance duties in 2013, many other volunteers such as Glenna McGargar, Sue Kennedy, Susan Gabay, Marc Berry, and Joy Grassley have spent many hours helping with record keeping and organizational needs.

Cemetery Management is Online!  Organizing the Soul of Our City:  In 2014 the City of Mosier received a grant from the Oregon State Parks’ Historic Cemeteries program to develop a record-keeping and management system that would meet the critical organizational needs of both municipal cemeteries.  After many volunteer and expert consultant hours, this online record keeping system is up and running and is accessible by the public.

Visit the Mosier State Road Cemetery online HERE.  (Your visitor user name is Mosier Cemeteries and your password is welcome.)

Important Documents and Forms:

Mosier State Road Cemetery Ordinance (Rules and Regulations)

Mosier State Road Cemetery Interment Authorization Form  (If you already own the rights to a Block/Plot, this is the form you need to fill out before burying your loved one.)

Certificate of Interment application  (If you wish to buy the interment rights to a Block/Plot in the Mosier State Road cemetery, this is the form that you need.  Please contact the City Office to find out what is available.)

Fees:  Res #2016-03 Cemetery Fees

Mosier Pioneer Cemetery

Historically Significant:  The Mosier Pioneer Cemetery Is historically significant on a local level for its association with the founders of Mosier, the Jane and Jonah Mosier family.  Many of the family members and close friends are interred in the Mosier Pioneer Cemetery, and represent some of the earliest Euro-American burials in the Mosier area.  The first known burial (1865) was that of Jane Mosier, the wife of Jonah Mosier who established the original donation land claim in the area.  The historic period of significance is from 1865 to 1901.  The beginning date signifies the first known burial and the end date corresponds to the last recorded historic burial.

Community Support:  Since the Mosier Pioneer Cemetery was deeded to the City in 1929, Mosier residents and volunteers have actively supported City efforts to preserve the historic character of the cemetery and to maintain the native/natural landscape.  Clean up, restoration, and research projects have been accomplished by individual citizens and by partners such as the Mosier Pioneer Cemetery City Committee, the Mosier Community School, SOLV (organized by the City), Mt. Hood Community College, and professional consultants such as Sally Donovan and Associates.

Back to Life:  In 2004 the City of Mosier City Council, recognizing the importance of allowing the Mosier Pioneer Cemetery to come alive for those who call Mosier home, voted unanimously to open the Mosier Pioneer Cemetery to new cremains burials.  Since that time, the City and the Pioneer Cemetery Committee have been working to gain certification for the Mosier Pioneer Cemetery as an operating cemetery.  Certification was received in April, 2015.

Master Plan and Website:  City Councilors, Committee volunteers, and Sally Donovan and Associates invested funds and many hours in 2010 and 2011 to develop a successful Master Plan document and to record with Wasco County a new survey of the historic site, the new grave plots, and a newly created historic zone.  The Committee also created a website (MosierPioneerCemetery.org) that offers public access to this important research, the historic information and documents, and a current event schedule.

Important Documents and Forms:

Mosier Pioneer Cemetery Ordinance  (Cemetery rules)

Mosier Pioneer Cemetery Policies  (More information about new cremains burials in the Pioneer Cemetery.)

Mosier Pioneer Cemetery Certificate of Interment application (There are plots available!  Please contact the City Office to find out more.)

Mosier Pioneer Cemetery Interment Authorization application  (You have already purchased interment rights.  This is the form that you need to fill out before you bury your loved one.)

Gravemarker Installment application  (In order to maintain the historic and natural character of the Pioneer Cemetery, the Pioneer Cemetery City Committee has very specific rules guiding gravemarkers selection and installation.)

Gravemarker Checklist (This will help you organize the gravemarker process.)

Fees:  Res #2016-03 Cemetery Fees

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