City Council Meeting

When: 6:30 PM June 0
In person, Mosier Valley Senior Center, 500 E 2nd St, Mosier (community meeting room)
Zoom meeting:
Meeting ID: 282 971 0099
Passcode: 97040
1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)



I 6:30 PM Call to Order: Mayor Witt Anderson        
II   Agenda Corrections or Additions  
III   Business from the Audience – This is for Mosier residents and anyone else to express concerns, needs, or opportunities.  Please keep your comments succinct and under two minutes.  You may bring in written materials for Committee and Staff to review.  The Facilitator can assign the issue to a future Committee, or to an appropriate staff member.  Please realize that we cannot always offer a response immediately but will give the matter due consideration. We encourage the participation of all stakeholders in our community. 3 min
IV    Approval of the previous MTG MINS (MAY 17, 2023)
2 min
1. 6:35 PM Cindy Walbridge Presents the 2nd of 2 required public meetings for the Comprehensive Plan Update (incorporation of past planning efforts into the legislative process)- This is a grant project supported by many staff and local agency efforts over the past several years. There will be one public hearing meeting prior to final adoption.
15 min
2. 6:50 PM Amendment No 5 to the Agreement for Operations and Maintenance of the Water System and Wastewater Treatment Plant with Jacob’s– Bennett (inflationary adjustment)
5 min
3. 6:55 PM Completion of phase II of the backup well project: (Well number 5): USDA funded project requirement to proceed is to secure a loan to gap the project budget overruns – John Grim   20 min
4. 7:05 PM Presentation of a 90-day current workplan with proposed priorities and general analysis of resources available, level of service expectations, presentation of office hours required (historically and currently), staffing analysis for 90-days -Staff
15 min
5. 7:30-8:00 PM Proposal of schedules for required public hearings (Budget, Short Term Rentals, Comp Plan), council meeting schedule and priorities for June/July, announcements, travel schedules and regional meetings will be announced.
The Budget Meetings and Hearings will be posted, published etc or otherwise according to the Oregon budget manual. The public is encouraged to engage in and attend public meetings. The budget document will be made available to the public and the office will be open for meetings prior to adoption.
X min


PO Box 456
208 Washington St, Mosier, OR 97040
Phone: 877-319-8467 / 541-478-3505
Fax: 877-553-3601 / 541-478-3810
Public hours: M-Th, 10 am – 2 pm

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City of Mosier

20 hours 2 seconds ago

Here’s an update from Mayor Anderson: I just met with Incident Command. Firefighters are working on containment. No major structures have been lost. Mosier Fire

City of Mosier

20 hours 46 minutes ago

If you’re wondering what area the Microwave Tower Fire has covered, here’s a current map.

City of Mosier

1 day 18 hours ago


A new brush fire has started in the hills east of Mosier. Smoke is already streaming over us.