Mosier Fruit Growers

Founded in 1907, this association was conceived to provide the area’s individual fruit growers the benefits accorded a much larger entity, like better prices. In 1919 there were reportedly 110 local fruit growers as members.

Over time, Mosier proved to be a prime location for cherries, and they remain the dominant crop, but other fruits are grown as well. Every spring, the building comes alive with crates of cherries collecting from the growers and being shipped out.

Location: 1105 1st Ave

Back in the day


PO Box 456
208 Washington St, Mosier, OR 97040
Phone: 877-319-8467 / 541-478-3505
Fax: 877-553-3601 / 541-478-3810
Public hours: M-Th, 10 am – 2 pm

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2 days 14 hours ago

Mosier's Winter Fest is tomorrow, in Totem Plaza from 5-7pm! See poster for timeline and what you can look forward to.


4 days 21 minutes ago

On this day 100 years ago... From The Hood River Glacier: No trace of the Mosier bank robbers has been found. A reward of $200


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We may see some snow tomorrow. The National Weather Service thinks it'll change over to rain fairly fast, while other forecasts are showing all snow