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Fire or Medical Emergency
Dial 911

Water Main and Sewer Emergency Contact
Oscar Farris, DRC

The Dalles, Oregon
Emergency Phone Contact:
541-645-5407 or 541-993-1614

Water Leak Emergency Contact
The Dalles, Oregon
Emergency Phone Contact:
541-645-5407 or 541-993-1614

Jayme Bennett
Interim City Manager, 541.490.7411

John Grim P.E.,
City Engineer, 541.993.5421


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Mosier City Council Declares State of Emergency due to Severe Weather and Threat of Fire

Due to hot, dry weather conditions, on July 2, 2021, Mosier City Council declared a State of Emergency banning fireworks until 9/30/21 

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NON-EMERGENCY  Health and Social Services and Disaster Assistance

Dial 211 to receive information regarding vital resources such as food, energy assistance, low cost health clinics, parent resources, affordable housing, and more.

Information and Links for Disaster Preparedness:

A recent article in The New Yorker about the Cascadia Event (earthquake and tsunami) has renewed public interest in what Oregon and Washington agencies and local governments have been planning for since the 1990’s: the worst natural disaster in the history of North America.   Link to the article:

Preparation for the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake has intensified in the last few years in Oregon and Washington, with many organizations partnering to provide information and resources for disaster planning, mitigation, and recovery.

The Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW) is a coalition of private and public representatives working together to improve the ability of Cascadia Region communities, businesses and homeowners to reduce the effects of earthquakes. Their website offers links to earthquake and preparedness information and programs for individuals, communities, and businesses that range from family checklists to community planning.

The Wasco County Emergency Management System is coordinated with the State of Oregon’s Emergency Management system. Their website includes the County’s wildfire plan, Mt. Hood Coordination Plan, and Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan, Ambulance service area plan, and other plans to help individuals, families, and communities for specific emergencies like earthquake, flood, severe weather, landslides, animals in disaster, etc.

The Ford Family Foundation has compiled research and information about the Cascadia Event and Resilient Communities. Here is one article about how to create a resilient community:



P.O. Box 456 208 Washington Street Mosier, OR 97040 Phone: 541-478-3505
Fax: 541-478-3810 M, W, F, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Rock Creek Pass

Open for 97040 residents walk-in only. No pass sales this year due to Covid-19

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P.O. Box 456 
208 Washington Street
Mosier, OR 97040
Phone: 541.478.3505 Fax: 541.478.3810