Water/Sewer Utility Info and Forms

Welcome to the City of Mosier Water and Sewer information page!  You can find information about the City-owned utilities here (scroll down to find links) and the forms necessary to receive these important community services.


The City’s water quality is tracked by Oregon Public Health. Our PWS ID Number is 00543. See the following links for updates on nutrient and bacteria sampling:

Coliform Sampling Schedule Update

Nitrate Sampling Schedule Update

2019 Mosier Annual Drinking Water Report

Application for water/sewer service (Renters and Owners)

Application for water/sewer service (Owners)

Water/Sewer Connection/SDC Application (new construction)

Community Water and Sewer:  Shared Resources

The City of Mosier is every one of us who lives in Mosier.  Each citizen’s water and sewer connection is a permanent and continuing commitment to a healthy water and sewer system for all.  Thanks to the foresight and hard work of past City community leaders and staff, the City of Mosier’s water and sewer systems are healthy and capable of handling  future residential, business, or light industrial growth development.

A Not For Profit Community Service

There is very little buffer in the City’s rate revenues.  The community’s water and sewer systems do not make a profit.  Your water and sewer payments go to the maintenance and operation and necessary improvements of the water and sewer systems.  Your water payment goes directly to pay the cost of providing you with water and for the infrastructure necessary to be able to bring water to your home or business.  Your sewer payment goes directly to pay for the cost of providing you with the ability to flush your toilets and run water into your sink drains.

Rights and Responsibilities 

All water and sewer customers own a share of the benefits of an excellent water and sewer system and also share in the City’s water and sewer obligations.  The City’s water and sewer infrastructure were built so that every one of us living here now has access to clean drinking water and safe sewage disposal and so that any new homes or businesses can also enjoy the same rights to these community resources that you have.

Because there are so few of us, each customer in arrears has a significant negative impact on the City’s ability to meet its obligations to pay for the construction, the operations, and the maintenance of these important systems.  Every dollar that someone avoids paying into the water and sewer system has to be made up by the rest of us.  For instance, if the City had 13 customers in arrears for one year it would cost every other customer an additional $60.00 a year.

I only live here part of the year.  Why do I have to pay for services year round?

The City’s first responsibility and obligation to its citizens is that the city will provide access to water and sewer.  Whether or not you use the water or sewer is up to you, but the City must build and maintain a system that is capable of serving every one of us whenever we want to turn on our taps or flush our toilets.  The cost to the community of providing that service to you does not go away if you don’t turn on a tap or flush a toilet, which is why the City must charge a flat service fee every month for every connection.

CLICK on the following to find:

Rate Schedules for Water and Sewer Services

Misc. Fees (Water Shut Off, Turn On, etc)

Residential Connection Charges (SDCs)
(For Commercial or other development, please call the City Office)

City of Mosier Water Shut Off Policy
(Did you get a shut-off notice?  Read this to learn about your options. )

Leak? We Can Adjust Your Bill

Sewer Rate Increase Letter To Citizens (July 2014)

Resolution No. 2014-07 Adopting New Sewer Rates

Resolution No. 2015-04 Water Rate Increase

Ordinance 154 (Water and Sewer Connections and Service)

All about the City’s New Sewer Plant